JOHN CONLAN - Shearing contractor
Winner of world and Australian championships and holds the record (he shares with his late brother) shearing the most amount of sheep in a single day. 

John has been an integral part of the shearing scene for over 40 years. 

His wealth of knowledge and experience knows no bounds when it comes to sheep and shearing.  He has trained all of today’s shearers.  He is also the owner of the farm  which bears his name and shearing wear clothing brand Rambowool
Specializing in the shearing of Sheep, Alpaca, and Llamas. At John Conlan, we recruit the best people for the job.

With our training and constant support to our staff, we treat your animals with the utmost care - ensuring higher returns and better service.

You will never need to compromise on quality.
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John Conlan is local shearing team contractor and living legend.